Lewd in the Library – SML Needs a Reboot

by Marion MarksUp Here Ladies

The concept “Lewd in the Library” is probably far too tame today to consider behavior that would get most banned from the library. However, “Lewd” might aptly refer to the angle some staff at Shreve Memorial Library branches have previously applied to patrons who didn’t follow personal directives. KTBS covered the 26-page list of Banned Patrons as young as 8-years old. Some seem to be banned for infractions that lack logic or certainly a defined policy.

"It's like daddy watches on our home computer..."

“It’s like daddy watches on our home computer…”

Whatever the “unacceptable” behavior is that has neither Policy nor Procedure definition according to board guidelines, patrons as young as 8-years old have been “Banned for LIFE!” AT least it’s for life until they successfully appeal their expulsion from the library when they are old enough to understand the issues. If these issues are not clarified, we will have children who can’t even look at art (more…)

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Jindal AND McAllister Make WaPo List of Louisiana Malefactors

by Elliott Stonecipher

Washington Post-McAllister-JindalIt now seems Congressman Vance McAllister will not resign, and may well run for re-election.  Revelations of notable details of his marital infidelity are likely behind us, but running late is confirmation of who, precisely, executed the political hit and how they did it.  Meanwhile, Republican Party bossmen piously decry All Things McAllister as if none of the rest of us know they are, one way or the other, tied to that hit team’s most likely principal, Governor Bobby Jindal.

Democrats, of course, are atwitter.  Their idea of pumped-up statewide turnout in the November 4th election gains credibility as they are handed the unexpected gift of a now-assumed wide-open, high interest 5th Congressional District race.  While district demographics do not suggest they will actually win this seat, the re-election chances of U. S. Senator Mary Landrieu are boosted in the same way as by Edwin Edwards’ entry into the 6th District Congressional race, and possible like ops in the 4th Congressional and 5th Public Service Commission districts.

In the club!

In the club!

McAllister, now a full-fledged member of America’s political club no pol seeks to join, has (more…)

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Vapor Barrier or Transparency Barrier?

mold-scam-alertby Marion Marks

Thanks to Alexandria Burris, Michele Marcotte, John Prime and the Shreveport Times for follow up on one issue addressed at March 31 Shreve Memorial Library board meeting. I addressed this after the board meeting in “An Institution Gone Amuck” and feel the public must demand details of the churning work that never really fixes the inherent problem.

Louisiana citizenship requirement #1: understand we live in a very HUMID environment; mold and mildew are inherent issues, more so DANGERS to specific assets. Groups accepting a building to house books should KNOW if the building has a vapor barrier and is capable of housing paper-based products. Quotes, even thoughts that appear quite difficult to comprehend from a library board member:

Yes, I get it!

Yes, I get it!

He said it is suspected the building may not have a vapor barrier in the walls to prevent moisture from seeping through.

There are underlying issues in the building itself,” he said. “Until we hire a professional to come and take a good assessment of it, we won’t really know.”

$10,000 expense to taxpayers to be told details of this problem seems more than a day late and $10,000 too much. Mold and construction experts KNEW this (more…)

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The “A Point In Every Direction” Master Plan Marshals On

Finding money

Finding money & facts

by Murray Lloyd

The “A Point In Every Direction” Master Plan Marshals On

See, this is what happens when you try to hold elected officials accountable in the City of Shreveport – they just start making stuff up.
Never mind the Master Plan says not to, they think it is good “strategery” to continue to sprawl with no plan.
The argument is that, since we have made so many mistakes in the past, the way to fix this is to keep making them until we have filled in the gaps of all the mistakes we haven’t made yet.

Image from Cover of 1956 Master Plan

Image from Cover of 1956 Master Plan

And, if you noticed, neither the Mayor nor the Councilman mentioned the Master Plan.
Why? Because the Master Plan we really work from is “I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it wherever I want to.”

In religion, this is called “sin”; in biology this is called “cancer”; in economic (more…)

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WANTED: NEW Appointments by Shreveport’s Next Mayor


Shreveport Attorney John Settle

by John Settle

     When one thinks of the many challenges Shreveport’s next mayor should address, appointments to the multitude of local boards and commissions is probably not even on the radar screen. However, the wheels of a democratic government do turn, in part, on the actions/reactions of these groups which in theory provide meaningful input on how the city’s tax dollars are spent.

Crisis Stonewalling    Some of these appointive bodies are high profile and well known to most citizens, – like the Shreveport Airport Authority, the Caddo-Bossier Port Commission, the Shreveport Metropolitan Planning Commission, the Shreveport Metropolitan Zoning Board of Appeals, the Shreveport Parks & Recreation Council, and the Downtown Development Authority. Other boards/commissions that have a public profile include the Housing Authority of the City of Shreveport, the Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board, the Property Standards Board, the Shreve Memorial Library Board, and the Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Commission, among others.

    Many boards/commissions rarely make the news and thus are known at best by only those directly affected by their actions, – like the Building Board of Appeals, the Employment Retirement System Board of Trustees, the Shreveport Health Trust (more…)

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Outsider Evaluation of Shreve Memorial Library

Quicksand around our feetl

Watching our feet…

A small group has begun wading through documents of the library as part of a Public Records Review. One of the first glaring documents screamed to me, and anyone looking at “Board of Control” responsibilities, would find in a Board Packet Correspondence document section on Governance Practices Training for the board reason to scream. This document shows critical flaws in the system.*

Quicksand sign-Board MembersThe document covers the planned board workshop outcomes, expectations, and path by which the consultant hopes to accomplish stated goals of governance. This program of the Sandbar Group is similar to many other “in-service” programs run for non-profit boards. The problem seems to be that the Shreve Memorial Library Board of Control failed , as a whole, to internalize the substance of the program. This is so critical, I want to quote and give some analysis. Additionally, I believe you should send the basics of this email as a public letter to apply to almost EVERY Public entity and citizen who participates in governance. The one page I pulled is this (The single page is attached to this email):

The Shreve Memorial Library
(January 13, 2010)

The Shreve Memorial Library provides library services to Caddo Parish. Governed by a Board of Control (more…)

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Naught Times Naught Is Naught, Carry the Naught

by Murray Lloyd

Trying to figure it out...

Trying to figure it out…

math-miracleYesterday the Shreveport City Council Infrastructure Committee met to discuss two items – a draft “Cost of Service and Rate Design Study” (“Study”) for water and sewer services and a proposed Beneficial Environmental Project (“BEP”). Both of these are related to the Consent Decree on the City’s Sanitary Sewer Overflow debacle.

The Study shows what the total expenses are for the water utility and the sewer utility and which customer class pays for what part of the “cost of services.”
It also contained an alternative to replace the single residential water rate with a tiered structure designed to encourage water conservation.

The BEP is a program run by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) that allows fines that would go to the state to instead be used in the local community to do projects that (more…)

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Board Pres: Formal Request For Corrective Actions

Mr. Neil H. Johnson, II, President
Shreve Memorial Library Board of Control
424 Texas Street
Shreveport, LA  71101

Mr. Johnson:

youve-been-servedPlease consider this (electronic) letter my formal request that you correct a notable error you made in the public record in the Shreve Memorial Library (SML) Board of Control meeting on March 31, 2014.  Following that correction, please inform me, and the public, as to actions you and the SML Board of Control take to bring the Board’s composition into line with most recent U. S. Census data.

The subject error you made is documented in this video recording of your comments in that meeting:  http://youtu.be/njyKEHtzCOY

cancelledIn summary, you said in the meeting that you and the Board of Control cancelled the public meeting at issue, i.e., the “Sunshine Week” observance scheduled for March 19, 2014, because the panel did not reflect the racial composition of the population served by SML.  To make your point, you then quoted that racial breakdown to be “41.2% white and 54.7% black,” noting the 2010 Census as your source.

As I feel certain you are well aware, you used City of Shreveport statistics from the U. S. Census Bureau – and not the (more…)

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Governor Buddy Roemer’s Warning on Population Slide

by Elliott Stonecipher

Roemer speaks in AlexandriaMy long-time friend Buddy Roemer spoke last week in Alexandria about our “disappearing” Louisiana, but it was population troubles on which the former Congressman and Governor focused, not our eroding coastline.  Buddy well understands.  He was elected governor at the very time the Oil Bust hammered Louisiana from more directions than some of us knew to look.  He gets this … and knows to sound the alarm.

This is a subject I know well.  In the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, I completed a study entitled Louisiana Population History & Trends, and have since presented it to interested audiences throughout the state.  My intention is to better explain both our state’s history of population growth, and the serious public policy implications of our relatively new and increasing population challenges.  One point in the presentation well and simply puts our present circumstance in understandable context:



“Even the Civil War did not damage Louisiana’s population growth like the Oil Bust, or Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  Even given the damage to Louisiana of the Civil War, our population grew 2.7% between 1860 and 1870.  In the 1980-1990 decade of the Oil Bust, it grew only 0.33%, and only 1.4% in the 2000-2010 decade of the storms.”

Buddy Roemer dealt each day of his term with (more…)

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Caddo–Shreveport & “Uneconomic Development”

An OPEN LETTER to the Citizens of Shreveport-Caddo Parish and pertinent to all of the Northwest Louisiana region from Murray Lloyd–

From: Murray Lloyd <murray@shreve.net>
Date: Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 10:51 AM
Subject: Uneconomic Development

Shrevepor-Caddo Chart new waters

Shreveport Master Plan -
Charting New Waters!

A Next Step

I recently wrote a column that appeared in the Shreveport Times about the necessity of building a water treatment plant on the Red River in southern Caddo Parish.

Part of what I tried to convey is that our local government entities are completely lacking in capacity and this has led to a total breakdown in functionality.

This systemic unhealthiness is most visibly exhibited in the absolute inability of our political bodies to self-correct on even the most basic level.

A case in point is the proposed annexation of two tracts in southern Caddo Parish on the City Council agenda. (Ordinances 39 & 40)

Twenty years ago, the City of Shreveport was 100 square miles in size and had a population of 200,000.

Ten years ago, it was 110 square miles and 200,000. Now it is 120 square miles and less than 200,000.

This sprawl has all taken place under the banner of “economic development” and in the absence of any comprehensive formula for evaluating the multitude of annexations.

Every thinking person knows that adding miles to the boundaries of the City adds to the cost of operating and maintaining basic services – police, fire, streets, drainage, water, sewerage, solid waste.

The stated justification is “This subdivision will provide additional tax revenues to the City as well as providing additional housing to the citizens of Shreveport.” (continue below image)

Toxic Planning Name CallingOne might ask what method the City of Shreveport uses to evaluate these benefits versus the costs. The answer is none.

One curious aspect of these annexations is that both (more…)

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