Dear Ollie Tyler …

close-reading-videoby Elliott Stonecipher

As you read this piece, you will first find the need to read the one in our local newspaper from and by mayoral candidate Ollie Tyler, here.  In many ways, she has very specifically picked the wrong target for her anger.  I hope to explain that here.  Along the way I will report much more of consequence and importance to all of us in Shreveport.

By way of Ms. Tyler’s carefully controlled use of our local newspaper, Ms. Tyler tells the reporter what she wants us to know.  It is notable that the newspaper wrote and published this piece without ever reaching out to me, though they often otherwise do. 

Tough Questions need armor!

Tough Questions need armor!

Ms. Tyler, too, blames me for “pushing the story.”  I have done no such thing.  I have, however, lobbied our local news media to examine all the candidates for mayor.  The truth is obvious in articles I have written, all in the public record.

The reporter notes that police reports and other (more…)

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Shreveport Attorney John Settle

Opinion by John Settle

Tuesday (November 4) will be the day of reckoning for Shreveport voters – – and especially those running for political office. For many Tuesday will be a holiday, and predictions of possible showers could dampen (literally) plans other than voting. For others it will be just another work day other than voting.

For the candidates (and their families and ardent supporters), Tuesday will be a day of high anxiety. Last minute “get out the vote” pushes will be made, and depending on the sophistication of the campaign I Voted Stickersmachinery everything from robocalls reminding people to vote, rides to the polls, and the checking of voter records with specific calls to known supporters will be made during the long day.

The polls close at 8 p.m., and serious TV reporting of voter totals should begin around 9 p.m. Some campaigns may have volunteers at each (more…)

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BOO! Halloween Dirty Tricks in Mayor’s Race

by Marion MarksKEELlogo

710 KEEL has been providing top interviews and extended dialogue regarding candidates and last minute revelations concerning many races in the area. Erin McCarty and Angela Thomas have been particularly open with the discussion and supplying insight into the candidates, campaigns and those behind the scenes trying to control the drive toward the November 4th primary.

Dirty PoliticsToday, among other candidate discussions, a campaign worker called in to disclose that he and his co-workers were involved in the Patrick Williams campaign specifically paid to 1) conduct opposition research and 2) infiltrate the opposition camp to sabotage the campaign. Neither issue would really be a surprise in most races. The issue is (more…)

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KTBS Investigative News: Victoria Provenza

by Elliott Stonecipher

Scarecrow of OZA few days ago, in an article I wrote entitled, “What We Don’t Know Haunts Mayoral Election,” I stressed the unique responsibility of our local news media in presenting to us important facts about candidates seeking election as Mayor of Shreveport.  I expressed my central point this way:

Victoria Provenza

Victoria Provenza

“It is axiomatic that voters cannot know what we cannot know.  That is what the news media is tasked by community contract to do:  find the facts and truth in matters of consequence, give it to us, and let us decide what to do with and about it.  Who we elect to be our next mayor is of urgent consequence.  Our city’s long stay in governmental and political purgatory is now primed to roll-over into the only thing worse.”

In its 10:00 PM newscast last evening, KTBS Television presented an excellent example of the journalism to which I referred.  The subject news segment – assembled by the team of Elsa Gillis, Laura Ashley Overdyke, T.W. Starr and possibly others – is entitled, “Inconsistencies Merit Further Questions for Shreveport Mayoral Candidate Victoria Provenza.”

The report lasts just over seven minutes.  Click here to view the story, or go to to view it directly on the station’s website.

Patrick_No_double_dippingEach viewer of the piece must and will judge its merits and meaning.  Personally, I congratulate and thank KTBS (more…)

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Rose McCullough Campaign for District A

by Marion Marks

Rose on Oct 24, "Campaigning..."

Rose on Oct 24, “Campaigning…”

Rose McCullough created a major stir last Friday in her district while campaigning for reelection for the District A seat of Shreveport City Council. Voters should hear for themselves her beliefs about what she has done for her district in the last four years. The altercation was near the corner of ML King Drive and Lanier Street.  (The Video Clip)

All road improvement money for District A last year was spent on a two streets, Carver Place ($370,000) and the street named for Rose’s father, Hersey D. Wilson Drive ($2,700,000). She indicates this of no consequence that others question why other streets got no improvements. It is her description of “Economic Development” for her district that is also questionable.

Anger comes out

Anger comes out

Ms McCullough’s apparent lack of conscience and disrespect for others (more…)

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Three Shorts from Oct 28 Mayoral Forum

by Marion Marks

Oct 28 Mayoral ForumEach candidate was allowed to ask any other candidate a single question at the KTBS 3 Mayoral Forum for the top three in the race. I felt the significance of these warranted pulling them out of the entire available footage for voters to see, Without further comment, here are the three:

Q: Victoria Provenza Question to Patrick Williams

Q: Ollie Tyler Question to Patrick Williams

Q: Patrick Williams Question to Victoria Provenza

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Fodale Ghouls Spread Mud on Shreveport

Future of Shreveport PAC – Strikes!

Tyler Flyer20141028_14490999-2by Marion Marks

If you haven’t checked your mail from yesterday, October 28, and found this flyer, you missed the latest entry into the Mud-Slinging capital mayoral campaign. Future of Shreveport is the latest entry into the mayoral fray, probably behind Patrick Williams, as they attempt to destroy Ollie Tyler’s campaign with an analysis of Tyler’s failures at the helm of the Caddo Parish School system.

Fodale Contributions20141028_16231472

Fodale campaign contributions

The listed head for filing for the management team of the PAC is Shreveporter Jimmy Tyson, but amazingly approximately $34,500 in this race can all go back to the Fodale name. The smear piece is the latest, and more is supposed to be in the pipeline.

The JC Fodale Energy Services, LLC has a very interesting Shreveport name tied to it in the registered agent Alexander Mijalis, whose family name is well connected in political history.

LA-43753 Filing(Noted)-1

The Future is HERE!

Each of these documents and the related parties have a unique place in politics that voters will probably weigh in making their vote count. The Future of Shreveport filing happened to coincide with the day the mailer arrived. Timing for the filing after monies were spent and as the late entry seems to indicate a bit of desperation and secrecy for the parties. Interestingly the election of officers is listed on the filing as 11/4/2014.


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NAACP Mayoral Forum – WHY No-Shows?

by Marion Marks

Lloyd Thompson

NAACP President, Lloyd Thompson

Lloyd Thompson, President of the local chapter of the NAACP reports at the media luncheon today that two of the leading candidates were No-Shows at today’s forum. Both Ollie Tyler and Patrick Williams were absent with no apparent excuse. Those in attendance were surprised at the No-Show status of two of the top three contenders according to the latest polling by KTBS 3 and The Shreveport Times.

The other two of the top four candidates, Victoria Provenza and Sam Jenkins were present and both made use of the time to speak about their plans for the city after mayor Cedric Glover fulfills his second term. Jenkins will not be present at tonight’s forum, as his polling numbers disqualified him according to the late rules.

Sam Jenkins Left out of ForumProvenza expressed disappointment that Jenkins, who has never missed an opportunity to speak at a forum, was not (more…)

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Voting ABC – Anyone But Caldwell

City Marshal Election in Shreveport

by Marion Marks

Who's in Command?

What MUD?

MUD or sleazy advertising messages is all that I expect to see in the media and on the streets between now and the end of the day November 4th. I only hope voters see this demonstration of disrespect to voters by handlers of the candidates as a sign that the message results in votes against the mud slingers.

IJ_Mud_1026Certainly the MUD has stuck in many past elections, and it does move some voters who have failed to educate themselves of real issues on the election process. If voters have spent time learning about issues and candidates before now, even though the vetting process in some races is suspect, the mud slinging will not be a major influence to them. Unfortunately too many voters have such busy lives, and they vote based on last (more…)

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What We Don’t Know Haunts Mayoral Election

Reporter Artby Elliott Stonecipher

[DISCLAIMER:  I have in no way supported the election campaign of any candidate on the November 4th ballot.]

Writing this article is not my job, and I know that.  It is the job of others, and I urgently hope they will step-up.  I can sound the warning once again, but the news media is our hope in this, as always.

Unvetted CandidatesWith one week and a day remaining before election day, Shreveport voters will more than likely err in casting ballots for mayor.  Even at this late date, some of these candidates still have not been vetted for this job.

It is axiomatic that voters cannot know what we cannot know.  That is what the news media is tasked by community contract to do:  find the facts and truth in matters of consequence, give it to us, and let us decide what to do with and (more…)

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