Hwy. 3132 Extension Stage 1 Study Kick-off

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Project Initiation

by Elliott Stonecipher

For the next eighteen months or so, those who care about the LA Hwy. 3132 Extension to the Port of Caddo-Bossier will want to focus on the conduct and completion of the project’s Stage 1 Feasibility Study.  Its “kick-off,” or Project Initiation, meeting was held Monday, August 18, 2014.

Regardless that the meeting was closed to the public and news media, one of the participating agencies – the Port of Caddo-Bossier, a body critical to successful completion of the Extension – prepared a transcription of the action.  In response to our Coalition’s Public Records Request, that document was made available to us, and may be read here.  An additional “Meeting Report” from and by the consulting engineer for the project, BKI, Inc., was also produced.

From Humble BeginningsAfter studying these documents and talking with Port (more…)

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Many New Challengers for Caddo Parish Board

Shreveport Attorney John Settle

Opinion by John Settle

With all the political hoopla in the past few weeks focused on other races, the upcoming election for all 12 members of the Caddo Parish School Board drew scant, if any attention. Not that these elected positions are not important – - quite the contrary. The large number of candidates who qualified for this 12 member board was a pleasant surprise to political observers.CPSB Logo

The general public’s dissatisfaction with quality of Caddo public education is clearly reflected by the challenges to incumbent school board members. Only 2 of the current members were unopposed; Lillian Priest and Curtis Hooks did not seek re-election. Thus 10 seats could change hands.

Opposing StatisticsThree board members have more than one opponents, – - a fact reflective of serious discontent; all of these had been considered to be stalwarts on the Board.

Jasmine Green (District 2), and Ginger Armstrong (District 11) (more…)

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The Next Mayor Needs a “Will Do” Attitude

Five candidates at forum

Five candidates at forum

by Marion Marks

When a candidate for public office speaks, what they say and how they say it creates either positive energy or the opposite. The environment the next set of elected leaders embodies must be a “Will Do” attitude that demands the completion of tasks currently unresolved of stuck because political gridlock in government plaza has been like a rudderless ship. [Video of Forum]

Observing the candidates at the forum August 26th at Southwood High smile-DOSchool should have been rewarding to citizens in terms of what appears to be a “Will Do” approach.Yet proof will only matter when and if the elected mayor builds a coalition with the city council and city workers to make things better for citizens.

Candidates who speak to voters create an aura with their (more…)

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Shreveport Men & Women Behind the Curtain

by Marion Marks

Wizard-of-Oz-Gives-HeartShreveport may still needRuby Slippersto click together as we address the issues a new mayor must face, but we certainly must understand those behind the curtain who believe that are pulling the strings at government plaza. This year’s mayoral race would not be complete without addressing the men and women behind the candidates who seek to convince voters Shreveport still might be “The Emerald City.”

"The Next Great City..."

“The Next Great City…”

Mayor Cedric Glover, try as he might, failed to make Shreveport the “Next Great City of the South,” as he sold it to taxpayers. But the soon-to-be 69 years-old retired school superintendent, double-dipping state legislator, entrepreneur-school teacher, and others in the poll run by KEEL will (more…)

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Shreveport Mayor Campaign: Glover’s “3rd Term”?

by Elliott Stonecipher

Stack of books


Now that official candidate qualifying is in the books, Shreveporters are forgiven any “Haven’t we seen this movie before?” reaction.  Whatever else may happen, the campaign for Mayor of Shreveport will once again center on top insiders keeping the same ol’ same ol’ political machine greased and humming.

As the campaign begins, the long-needed City Hall blow-up and rebuild seems unlikely.

August-2014-Qualifying-CalendarMajor candidates this time around are City Councilman Sam Jenkins, teacher Victoria Provenza, State Representative Patrick Williams, and retired education higher-up Ollie Tyler.  Provenza is white and an Independent, and the remaining three are African-American Democrats.

Also in the race are newcomer Anna Marie Arpino, identified by our daily paper as an accountant, always-on-a-ballot-for-something Jim Crowley (no offense meant, Jim), and Melvin Slack, Jr.

Mr. Slack is identified by the paper as an “evangelist.”  If that be true, faithful Shreveporters should thank him in advance for praying for our city as this electoral soiree runs its course.  ‘Lord knows all help is needed.

Glover Ride for Third TermThe Set-Up:  Cedric Glover’s “3rd Term”

No matter that the city is stagnant, if not tipping over into something worse, top insiders, along with their small army of election wizards and flacks, prefer (more…)

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Shreveport Needs Some Ruby Slippers


Ruby Slippers — Yellow Brick Road

by Marion Marks

Do you Believe? The question is, can anyone convince voters to believe in the power of Ruby Slippers? Obviously two candidates are preparing to convince voters to believe that either is capable of miracles for Shreveport to turn around after years of mayoral neglect. One must convince them that being 69 years old and retired because the pressure was too great, really isn’t accurate any more. The other must convince voters that being a government contractor and teacher is suitable training to be mayor.

Regardless, none of the front runners have city council experience, and all will have a steep learning curve in taking office while coordinating with a city council that has found a voice. Whoever is the new mayor will be taking an office that requires great deal of stamina and infinite patience with navigational skills.

Both former superintendent Ollie Tyler and teacher-government contractor Victoria Provenza believe that they are capable of convincing voters that it is possible to pull together a team of managers who can right the city for the next four years. Voters must be convinced these novices will be able to assemble a team in a way never before done in Shreveport. Even Patrick Williams has no real experience in city government, yet he has supporters who have great experience working and contracting with the city.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Following the path…

At the filing deadline no real surprise names were added who we might believe could alter the path of what may be THE pivotal election for the future of Shreveport. Anna Marie Arpino was registered by some backers as a “red herring” distraction just for conversation. Based on the trend of (more…)

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Rick Perry’s ‘crimes’ pale to Bobby Jindal’s

jindalmaster By Robert Mann

Some liberals have celebrated the recent indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry on charges of abuse of power. I’m not among them. His opponents couldn’t beat Perry at the polls, and they seem eager to derail his nascent presidential campaign, so they’ve applauded his indictment on flimsy charges that any impartial juror with an ounce of common sense should reject as laughable. I’m no Perry fan, but this looks like a destructive attempt to criminalize politics.

VETO StampLong story short: Perry vetoed the budget for the state public corruption unit headed by the Austin-area district attorney after she was jailed for drunk driving. Perry made no secret that he was trying to force the DA to resign. In response, a Texas prosecutor charged Perry with two felony counts.

Targeting a public corruption unit’s budget to overthrow a wayward district attorney is clearly hardball politics. Perry may well have gone too far. Perhaps he deserves to be impeached (although even that is doubtful). What I do know is (more…)

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Trina’s Chu Chu Train Headed for Caddo Courthouse?

Shreveport Attorney John Settle

Opinion by John Settle

Its always a pleasant surprise when an unheralded candidate suddenly appears on the local political scene and qualifies for office. Such is the case with the recent announcement by Trina Chu that she will run for the Caddo District Judge; she qualified this week. She will oppose Charles Tutt to fill Judge Scott Crichton’s seat; Crichton qualified for the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Feel Good StoryChu is the classic feel good story of an immigrant family coming to America (legally), and through hard work and diligence becoming productive and successful. Her story, in her own words: “I came here at the age of 8, in 1982 after my father and two older brothers escaped Vietnam in 1980. In 1980, my parents planned for the whole family to escape communism and forced military enrollment into the war between Vietnam and Cambodia, also widely known at the time as Vietnam’s invasion of Cambodia after the Vietnam War with the U.S. So, in 1980, only my father and 2 brothers were able to escape. My mother, two younger brothers, and I were stuck behind.

We were lucky we didn’t get caught by the government (more…)

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The 49-5 Club

DorkDynastyby CB Forgotston

Since Bobby Jindal has been governor, the number of State Troopers available to patrol the highways has been declining. As the numbers dwindled, morale among the working Troopers has also deteriorated.

The excuse we’ve heard for the failure of the State Police to hold recruit academies is the lack of money. Perhaps if the Leges and Jindal had chosen police protection over Non-Governmental Organizations (“NGOs”) there would be money.

“49-5 Club”

49-5 Club-Ceasar Money

Render to Caesar…

There is an obscure group of individuals hired by the Department of Public Safety/State Police for which there is, apparently, plenty of funding.

Mike Edmonson, Superintendent of the (more…)

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Ethical Government Service is Like Stainless Steel

Just because it shines, its NOT Stainless!

by Marion  Marks


…Life’s a party?…

Stainless steel is not generally considered to be an exotic metal. Yet, its exotic in the same way we think of ethical public officials. The majority of public officials are ethical, and they work for the public good. Yet, Louisiana was still tenth in the most convicted officials in this report in the Washington Post. Locally we find incumbents who violated our trust and must be voted out of office.

Candidates file this week for November primary, and opposition filings speak volumes of the perception of incumbents. Shreveport City Marshals race features several challengers who began campaigning over a year ago.


Not a good ride…

The term “stainless steel” like “ethical politician” is responsible for notable myths. Contrary to myth, stainless steel does rust. And, ethical people, insert “politicians”, can and do make ethical errors of judgementthey RUST!

Political rust can be fatal in a campaign, and lapses in judgement or outright bad decisions by Shreveport City Marshal Charlie Caldwell should have consequences. Caldwell finds four faces new to politics already on the street. [Caldwells campaign reports HERE] The known challengers are, Don Otis, Jim TaliaferroJoey Hester , and Anthony Johnson. Basic duties of the City Marshal are defined by the city and judges in Shreveport City Court.



Stainless steel is “corrosion-resistant” but not immune to corrosion. The term used by the US military – “corrosion- resistant steel” is an accurate description, but the (more…)

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