Will Caddo D.A. Scott Be A One-Timer ?

Shreveport Attorney John Settle

Opinion by John Settle

It’s almost unheard of for an incumbent district attorney to be defeated in a re-election bid, especially after serving only one term. But that may just be the case for embattled Caddo District Attorney Charles Scott whose 6 year term ends this year. Several names of possible contenders are being bandied about by courthouse politicos; its almost certain that Scott will have an opponent for the November 4 primary.Scott-One Shot

Scott, a Caddo District Judge for 32 years, defeated Shreveport attorney Craig Smith in a hotly contested election in 2008. Paul Carmouche, who had served as D.A. for 30 years, ran for U.S. House of Representatives rather than another term. The late campaign endorsement by Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator of Scott, including an extensive robocall campaign, pushed Scott to a victory over Smith.

In a reversal that can only happen in politics, Prator may endorse another candidate to run against Scott. Prator’s dissatisfaction started with Scott in the disclosure by then Caddo D.A. investigator Don Ashley of the acquisition of the 8 fully automatic machine guns (more…)

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Lee Zurik: Who done it? Neil Riser!

by CB Forgotston


Sen. Neil Riser (right) and Col. Mike Edmonson appears on the Facebook page.of the Louisiana State Troopers Association.

Lee Zurik investigative reporter with WVUE-TV in New Orleans revealed last night that it was Senator Neil Riser who put the amendment into the Conference Committee Report on SB 294 that gave La. State Police Superintendent Mike Edmonson an extra $55,000 a year retirement benefit for the rest of his life. ( See story here.)
Riser’s lie

On July 16, 2014, I sent via email this message to Riser:

You were a member of the Conference Committee that added an amendment to SB 294 of the 2014 Regular Session that granted special retirement benefits to certain members of the La. State Police.

I know that such changes don’t come from thin air or accidentally get into such reports. Please tell me:

1) Who asked you to put the amendment into the Conference Committee (more…)

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Our Louisiana “Poverty Problem” and the Future

by Elliott Stonecipher

AEC Foundation Cover 2013Among those who read the article in The Advocate, I doubt any of us was surprised.  Louisiana, according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Kids Count Data Book, ranks 47th among the states and District of Columbia in the well-being of our children.

This once again directs our attention to our “poverty problem.”  The problem in Louisiana, and a few other places, is so intractable as to have long ago numbed us to its meaning and importance.  In fact, it goes far in downright defining our state.  Great Society-Pull Out of Poverty

Many government agencies and their studies routinely track poverty’s innumerable statistical markers and evidence.  In thinking about that fact, a simple question dashed through and out of my thinking, quickly to return and settle:  have we, will we, can we ever solve this problem?  We know and understand the Biblical injunction that “the poor will always be among” us, but to this extent and degree?  Will our state and federal executives and legislators ever get ahead of this?  After all the money spent toward its resolution over the decades, what difference?

In the most recent, 2012, data from the U. S. Census Bureau (SEE here, scroll to Page 3), 15.9% of Americans were (more…)

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Dear Councilman Corbin, About The Death on Friday

by Elliott Stonecipher

July 18 Crash-Flournoy_Lucas(00)  July 21, 2014

Michael Corbin, Member
City Council District “D”
Shreveport, Louisiana

Dear Councilman Corbin:

With profound respect for those now suffering, I have carefully delayed this letter to you.  By the time you receive this, it will have been three days since the traffic accident in front of our Twelve Oaks subdivision on Flournoy-Lucas Road.

The subject, Councilman, is an unnecessary and preventable death, with yet other lives shattered, the nature of that death so horrific that no one I know would choose to describe it.  Those of us who saw the scene well understand that fact.

Over the past three years, I have stood before you and our mayor and the rest of our City Council, just as I have the Metropolitan Planning Commission, Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments, the state highway department, the news media and many civic groups.  I did so to present many facts concerning the extension of our Hwy. 3132 to the Port of Caddo-Bossier.  Many of those times, I have specifically warned that people would die because of the myriad official errors and malfeasance at issue.

July 18 Crash-Flournoy_Lucas(01)Just before lunch on Friday, fewer than five hours before this accident, I wrote and published an internet column with this paragraph:

The reader may note the (more…)

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Red Flag in Edmonson Caper Missed in Baton Rouge

by CB Forgotston

Wave the flag (NOT Socialist!)

Wave the flag (NOT Socialist!)

Another issue has arisen, that should have waved a red flag to the six conferees (Senators JP Morrell, Neil Riser, Mike Walsworth and Representatives Walt Leger, Bryan Adams and Jeff Arnold) on SB 294 of the 2014 Regular Session.

With the exception of Adams, all are veteran leges. Two of the leges are attorneys and should know the law, especially the Speaker Pro Tem who should also be very familiar with the specific laws governing the lege process as he is often called to rule on them.

Give Away!

Give Away!

SB 294, if you recall, is the legislation that provided State Police Superintendent Mike Edmonson a gift from the taxpayers of an extra $30,000 a year for the rest of his and his family’s life.

Red flag

The leges have admitted knowing that the amendment affected the state retirement systems. Therefore, they should have noticed that there was no Actuarial Note attached to the Conference (more…)

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Edmonson amendment scandal deepens

by CB Forgotston

Tarnished badge?

Tarnished badge?

In his latest column, Tom Aswell reports that two leges are calling for an investigation into  “Bastard Amendment” that gave State Police Superintendent Mike Edmonson a gift from the taxpayers of  an extra $30,000 a year for the rest of his and his family’s life.  See here.

Kudos to Representatives Edwards and Pearson for stepping up to protect the integrity of the lege process by calling for an investigation.  Thus far, no member of the State Senate has done likewise, despite evidence that implicates a senior Senate staffer.  She needs to be (more…)

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Part II: Really?? Who Buys In Larkin’s Folly, uh, “Esplanade”?

by Elliott Stonecipher

Born_to_buyNo subject within the Hwy. 3132 Extension saga now raises more questions than who in the world, all things considered, would be buying lots in developer Tim Larkin’s swanky “Esplanade” subdivision.  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote the first article on this subject, and I followed just a few days ago with a related article about a Shreveport Times story.

The subject now of greatest interest to our Finish 3132 Coalition members is well identified in a comment emailed to us recently by a strong supporter and friend:

Whoever Buys a Larkin Lot Is a Rotten Egg!  <—- would make a nice BIG SIGN.”Barnum-Bailey-Buyer

The sentiment, of course, is front-and-center with those who strongly believe the 1996 election by Shreveporters should determine the outcome of this fight.  In that election, 66% voted “yes” on a bond issue for completion of the Extension to the Port.  The writer’s point, shared by many, is that anyone who supports what Larkin and his troupe are doing is knowingly working to defeat the will of the people.

(I admit that I love the sign idea.  Perhaps the City Council would approve placement of it on (more…)

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Will Glover’s Stubbornness Be His Legacy?

 Bond Sales, Dog Park, worse to come?

Shreveport Attorney John Settle

Opinion by John Settle

At his inauguration party in 2006, newly minted Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover started the festivities with a celebratory announcement “Well, here we are…..” He was, of course, referred to his narrow victory over Jerry Jones and his election as Shreveport’s’ first African American mayor. Almost 8 years later, most Shreveport residents are saying, in disappointed if not sarcastic tones, “Well here we are….” as Glover continues to take flack during his last few months as a lame duck Mayor.

Glover Victory 2006Admittedly Glover had many challenges when he took office,– high municipal bond debt, a lagging economy and resentment as well as suspicion due to his race, lack of formal education (only a high school diploma), and his job (as in no job) history. In many aspects, the Big G has improved the overall state of the city. Nevertheless he has allowed several issues to become bigger than life (even bigger than Big G was himself at his (more…)

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Chaos in Political Brand Identification

Shreveport-Caddo Election Failures

brandingby Marion Marks

Branding began as the unique mark you put on the back end of a steer to show ownership. It evolved in politics as the symbol voters see like a party label or group of known supporters. Shreveport-Caddo voters will focus this fall on failed brand identities. Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator recently helped voters define the brand of Caddo District Attorney, Charles Scott as it relates to white-collar crime prosecutions.

Diamond Charlie Caldwell BrandCandidate identity was thought to be the job for a marketer sending out post cards, planting yard signs, seeing the candidate at a forum, or even face-to-face at neighborhood meeting. Political brand messages have become more intrusive and generally less effective with blanket advertising on infinite channels and mediums that seem a torrid beauty contest. Voters learn little about the candidate, much less about substance of the candidate. Voters generally learn who has the most money and power to throw at winning office. Too many voters fail to look below the surface of the candidate’s campaign message.

Political Branding has never been anything you could trust, but most voters made their choice based on a hunch, name recognition or the “team” the candidate had in a supporting role. Branding is a confusing concept. The “secret sauce” of marketing and branding a candidate has created media legends we see during political seasons. They speak of capturing ingredients of the secret sauce along the difficult path of winning public office.

Sitting on stoolBranding that captures votes is often as simple as a logo on the cup, but it’s really so much more. True brand identification is both seen and unseen; it’s something you often know when you see it, yet it may be undefinable. A Candidate Brand is an accumulation of all (more…)

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Shreveport Times Offers “No Build” Option for 3132 Extension

by Elliott Stonecipher

Kings_X-fingers crossed

Speaking of honesty

There is always something to be said for honesty, especially from a city and region’s only daily newspaper.  Thus, we may choose to give the Shreveport Times a bit of credit for their front-page spread today.  In that shocker of a piece to many, the newspaper opens the door for a “No Build” decision from the Stage 1 Feasibility Study for the Hwy. 3132 Extension to the Port of Caddo-Bossier.

On its Sunday print edition front-page, the Shreveport Times’ bolded sub-heads for their article are “Extend the loop?” on the left, and “Or Not?” on the right.  Now, then, it’s official:  The Times sees a dead 3132 Extension as a debatable alternative.

In the open

In the open

Now that we have that out in the open, we might want to remember a few meaningful facts, in context.  A lot of friends of The Times have always wanted to kill the 3132 Extension …

…..  “No Build” has long been mentioned / threatened by Kent Rogers at (more…)

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