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dove_peaceby Marion Marks

Most recently I have received notice that “Someone is manipulating the Facebook ‘Likes’ on the posts of the blog I host and assist in editing – Forward-Now.com.”  I want to make it clear that I am not responsible for all the posts nor do I monitor the people who “Like” a (more…)

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City Marshal in Shreveport MUST GO!

by Marion Marks

King Charlie!

King Charlie!

It’s four years since first rumblings to reign” in Shreveport City Marshal Charlie Caldwell first began. Initial internal complaints pertained to deputies who were rogues, improper terminations, document obstructions, but now finally a runoff may result in cleansing the truly destructive element in the marshal’s office.(several other candidates who didn’t make it would have been far better than Caldwell!)  Most deputy marshals work diligently to hold decorum in city court and keep leadership failures from affecting the business required from the marshal’s office. Yet the public has not been spared the costs affiliated with mismanagement Marshal Caldwell has dragged taxpayers through. (more…)

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Thanks!! to CPSB Reform Effort

Elliott Stonecipherby Elliott Stonecipher

(Elliott Stonecipher’s reports and commentaries are written strictly in the public interest, with no compensation of any kind solicited or accepted.  Appropriate credit to Mr. Stonecipher in the sharing – unedited only, please – of his work is appreciated.)

I read with real interest yesterday’s Shreveport Times article about the local group which has funded election campaigns for some Caddo Parish School Board (CPSB) candidates.  It reminds us of what too often awaits those who do heavy lifting in service to our community.

CPSB-PAC-on-TargetAt issue is Citizens for a Better Caddo, formed by a group of prominent local activists in education and other community interests.*  The group set up a political action committee, or PAC, to recruit and/or raise most of the campaign funds for their candidates.

The Times article – a solid and fair one, I think – presents details of how the PAC’s fundraising came from a relatively few people and/or their associated businesses and families.  More to the (more…)

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Shreveport Attorney John Settle

Opinion by John Settle

An out of state visitor to Shreveport would probably be surprised to learn that Shreveport voters will elect a new mayor on Saturday, December 6. Yes, the Saturday after Thanksgiving ends the current election season for Shreveport voters who will elect a U.S. Senator, a City Marshal, three city Council representatives, 3 school board members, and yes a new mayor.

Since the November 4 primary, the mayor’s race has been as exciting as watching paint dry – – or grass grow. To date, the “big” news, which was expected by knowledgeable politicos, is that Ollie Tyler will not appear in any more debates or forums, televised or not. Thus Victoria Provenza’s days of free TV time and well covered press events are over; reportedly she declined a recent interview request from KTBS. (more…)

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Shreveport’s Fateful Election

Dim-Discolored Rainbowby Elliott Stonecipher

Shreveporters who care may have learned little from our current mayoral election, but most of us have at least noticed that some top players in these campaigns act as though there is gold at the end of this dim and discolored election rainbow.

In fact, as some of us know and many of the rest of us fear and suspect, such may well be exactly what is in it for those players:  bucks … beaucoup bucks.

As one commentator recently reminded me in a social media message, Shreveport deserves better.  Cities, we might take a moment to remember, are their people.  Here, that refers to tens of thousands of good, decent and hard-working people.  They may be fairly chastised for having, by default, handed the governance of the city over to a cabal of self-dealers, but such are sins of omission.  These do not participate in the practiced and systemic raiding of local tax coffers.Danger Sign Truck

Just in case anger is rising among readers who are also supporters of the remaining candidates, note that I do not (more…)

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Shreveport Attorney John Settle

Opinion by John Settle

Southwest Shreveport voters have a clear choice in the December 6 council run-off between James Flurry and Durwood Hendricks, Jr. In the primary, Flurry captured 44% of the vote compared to Hendrick’s 39 %.

The candidates are as different as night and day. Flurry is a Republican; Hendricks is a Democrat. Flurry is white and Hendricks is black. Flurry has lived in the district for 35 years; Hendrick’s residence is subject to question.

District E James Flurry

James Flurry

Hendricks owns a home on Baxter Street in Shreveport and the phone book lists this address. Baxter street is not in District E. Hendricks changed his voter registration in October 2010 to South Brookwood Drive; Hendricks is not the owner of this house. (Hendrick’s was not available for comment.)

Flurry has a very solid background in public service and in business. He served 2 consecutive 6 year terms as Justice of the Peace in Ward 7 – which includes his district. Flurry served as the president of the Louisiana Motor Transport Association as (more…)

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City Marshal Showdown Starts Without Fireworks

by Marion Marks



The runoff for Shreveport City Marshal on December 6 pits incumbent Charlie Caldwell against the last candidate to enter the race, Crime Stopper coordinator Jim Taliaferro. A novice to Shreveport politics would see this as a white Republican against a black Democrat in a majority black constituency, and make an easy call for the incumbent. Seems to be an especially easy call, since Caldwell led the first primary with 38% of the votes from the five candidates in the race.

Other candidates who didn’t make the runoff include Joey Hester, a white Republican, with 22%; Don “D.D.” Otis, a black Democrat, with 15%; and Anthony “A.J.” Johnson, a black Democrat, with 5%. Voter turnout was 43.5%, a somewhat anemic number. But the more anemic number may be the (more…)

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Jindal Mocks His Own “Ethics Gold Standard”

Elliott Stonecipher

Elliott Stonecipher

by Elliott Stonecipher

That Louisiana’s “ethics reform” exercise was pure folly is now an inescapable fact.  Governor Bobby Jindal openly mocks the system by using in-state campaign funds for his national political campaigning.  Our top Ethics Administration official cites the legal prohibition, but our governor – the personal designer of the subject system – knows very well that he and other violators have nothing to fear.

Ethics GoldThe evidence of Jindal’s own “ethics gold standard” violations are presented in last night’s installment in the Peabody Award-winning Louisiana Purchased series by investigative journalist Lee Zurik of WVUE Television in New Orleans and Times-Picayune / NOLA.com enterprise editor (more…)

November 11, 2014 9:52 am

Provenza Strikes! … (well, as best she can) …

quill-and-inkby Elliott Stonecipher

For those who may have found and read the piece, please afford me a few minutes of your time to respond to a “Letter to the Editor” in the Shreveport newspaper today.  The letter is signed by a woman named Earleen Bergeron, further identified only as a Shreveport resident.  I have never met her.  I did not know she lived here.  As to the lady and her friends and family, I have no awareness … at all.

In pertinent part, her is what Ms. Bergeron offers us:

My_Heroes“Ollie Tyler and Victoria Provenza are my heroes. Women who go through horrendous abuse from a spouse, whether physically, by beatings or verbally and mentally in the courtroom by a vindictive spouse and come out of it stronger people are simply heroes and deserve respect and admiration.These women are strong, courageous people who have not only overcome situations that most of us would break under, but they have become better for it. They have made something special of their lives with their wisdom and energy and success.
Those who would like to tear them down — the John Settles, the Elliott Stoneciphers, the Ken Antees — by spreading rumors and half truths, I would (more…)

November 9, 2014 12:18 pm

Understanding PACs & Educational Needs in Caddo

Angry Criticsby Marion Marks

Critics of the political action committee (PAC) working to make changes in the Caddo Parish School Board membership suggest new elected members to the board are “bought.” Voters with a limited perspective of newly elected members of the board backed by the PAC fail to see the positive side of the PAC. The newly elected are a long way from bought, and they will have a long, hard road ahead to improve the system. The PACs are exactly what the name states, “Action Committees” who back their philosophy up with money in hopes here of moving away from the status quo, made of too many stagnant, failing schools.

tipping_jarIt’s sad to believe so little real money could influence such an important segment of the community. One board member stated, “these payments were like gratuities or tips to (more…)

November 9, 2014 11:28 am

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