Young Professionals Mayoral Forum Shakes Tyler

Patrick Williams, Crowley NON-Participants

by Marion Marks

5 Candidates Present Oct 21The October 21st Young Professionals Initiative Forum may have shaken up some of the Mayoral candidates as Anna Marie Arpino challenged the record of Ollie Tyler as Superintendent of Caddo Parish Schools claiming waste, inefficiencies and that Tyler authorized the payment of over a million dollars the system acknowledged it didn’t actually owe.

Williams Exits

Williams ducks in, out…

The forum lasted over an hour and twenty minutes and candidate Patrick Williams stuck his head in at the end and backed out almost as quickly. Jim Crowley never made an appearance, still a phantom candidate of questionable motives. The give and take was often heated, as (more…)

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Four Challengers to Marshal Caldwell at BNA Forum

Jason Bown-Caldwell Stoicby Marion Marks

Obviously law enforcement officers see something offensive the average citizen only reads about in a few headlines. Certainly there were challenges to incumbent Marshal Caldwell during his six years since first being elected. And litigation against Caldwell was not uncommon. But the Broadmoor Neighborhood Association Forum brought a few issues to the surface.

Taliaferro AddressesModerator, Assistant District Attorney Jason Brown kept the meeting on course and came within seconds of completing in the scheduled sixty minutes. However, the few questions that were edgy from challengers were handled well as Caldwell deflected most criticism by simply saying (more…)

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On the Ballot – What’s You Need to Know!

A number of citizens have asked lots of simple questions about what is on the ballot. And, we are only suggesting that you make up your own mind, based on research, some of which we have tried to investigate. Here is information for ALL Louisiana voters that may help you better understand what is on the ballot and the meaning of the constitutional amendments that seem to confuse most voters.Vote Button on Flag

Louisiana Voter Information:

What’s on my Ballot – Once you fill in your address, the Secretary of State Website allows you to click the tab, “Ballot Information”, and determine the exact ballot you will have for your precinct. With this, you will be more speedy getting through the voting line!

Public Affairs Research:  Explanation of Constitutional Amendments.

my two-cents worth...

my two-cents worth…


Read, Study the issues, Vote & Participate!

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Racist, Sexist, Elitist, or Manipulative?

by Rob Broussard

A gift for teachers...

A gift to Education…

I read two articles in The Times on Sunday October 19, 2014, that left me to wonder whether the Citizens for a Better Caddo were racist, sexist, elitist, or manipulative. I suggest readers ponder, for a moment, how I arrived to that conclusion based on the comments made by guest columnist Ed Crawford, Zazell Dudley, and, while not a columnist, the chairman, Philip Rozeman as identified by Denee Locke in the Broadmoor Neighborhood Forum October, 2014. Two of those comments, (1) “Some of our board members have yet to embrace the structural reform necessary to address these concerns and have allowed too many of our schools to continue to fail…”. And, (2)“We represent a grass root organization…” are of major concern.

Public Schools TargetedIs it racist that the Pac selectively chose only whites as targets as their “chosen” candidates? (Note that black candidates in other districts were given cursory interviews but none received money to date and none of the three targeted incumbents received interviews.) Are we to believe that only “whites” have voted, as board members, for policies that have led to our schools failing? Can you please support your accusations with data and documents? Are we to (more…)

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Ms. Tyler – It’s the Barnwell, not the Barn Well

Shreveport Attorney John Settle

Opinion by John Settle

Everyone who has lived in Shreveport for a few years – – well almost everyone – – knows of the Barnwell. Officially it is the R.S. Barnwell Memorial Garden and Art Center, and for many many years it was the focal point of the Clyde Fant Parkway. Until the arrival of the casinos, it was the only structure on the east side of the parkway, immediately adjacent to the Red River.

barnwell-art-centerThe center was named after R.S. Barnwell, a Louisiana magnate; half of the original 1970 construction cost was donated by the Barnwell family. The main attraction is (or was) the large plexiglass domed botanical conservatory in which palm (more…)

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October Mud Storm Dampers Constructive Dialogue

by Marion Marks

KTBS-3 bugAs reported by KTBS, campaign finance ethics complaints were filed and delivered against mayoral candidates Ollie Tyler (copy of draft complaint) and Patrick Williams (copy of draft complaint) on Thursday at state ethics board in Baton Rouge. The detailed complaints, with supporting data, were complete and covered material that I believe was scrutinized by at least five attorneys who are familiar with the related election laws.

bad-newsOne local political consultant, familiar with the changing laws and interpretations, indicated this was the worst blatant violation he had seen in over thirty years. Another well-known expert on elections was clearly taken by the casual disdain shown for established law that is the first item in a candidate packet at filing for the November election.

watching you uncle samResponse by candidates cited and opponents has been quiet, other than to note that those whose campaigns have (more…)

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Mayoral Election New Twist with Q&A at Forum

EVENT 2by Marion Marks

October 15th Pat Boras hosted his monthly “Winning Tuesdays” forum at Superior Steak House Annex on Wednesday, due to the Senate Debate that conflicted Tuesday night. Four of the six candidates attended and discussion was particularly heated during the Q&A session where candidates could ask others pointed questions.

Here are several key segments I felt communicated information voters should find relevant.

Patrick-Provenza Q&AQuestion#1: Victoria Provenza to Patrick Williams. This question is related to the KTBS story and certainly the issue will have even more attention if “MUD FLYS” as expected toward the November election day.

Question#2&3: Patrick Williams passes, but Anna Marie Arpino asks herself.

Question#4: Sam Jenkins to Victoria Provenza.

Audience members were allowed to ask questions, and here were several I found valuable along with the answers. (more…)

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A Dark Side of Transparency in the Mayor’s Race

Reporter Art-02by Marion Marks

Thanks to my campaign conscience, I recognize I have not asked sufficient hard questions of ALL the candidates. Transparency here, I do have a business to run, but I picked the low-hanging fruit, finding easy flaws of the Tyler & Williams campaigns, and I neglected asking tough questions of Ms Provenza, as I read what seemed easy issues, and I was less diligent.

Reporter Art

I dozed …

Ms Provenza owes it to the voters to explain what in her background is so precious that she cannot be more transparent herself about her work and the Colorado part of her life that seems “off-limits” in the campaign. If Ms Tyler’s background falls in the realm of “it has nothing to do with being qualified to be mayor” and I and others demand transparency, Ms Provenza needs to use the remaining three weeks to disclose how we have not been able to learn a fuller story of her life.

Paperwork_extensionWe all know being mayor is a difficult job requiring 15+ hours days, nothing for the weak of heart or constitution. What we also know is that Shreveporters deserve a better understanding of every candidate who claims to be qualified to serve as mayor.


3132 going where?

Ms. Provenza touts the fact that she met with the attorneys who represent Tim Larkin to understand their position and the commitment to extending 3132 to the port. What she has not explained is how she failed to meet (more…)

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2014 Campaign for Mayor in the Ditch

Naw Man-It be coolby Marion Marks

Amazingly campaigns limp along on money, aspirations and vapor, rather than substantive platforms and transparency. Campaign Finance Reports released last week only bolstered many hollow aspirations. Yet platforms with substantive plans that would improve Shreveport remain background window dressing in most campaigns. Voters are numb, yet don’t appear surprised by more bad news from the leaders. Any hint of believable constructive campaign news probably could move the voter meter.

Heap o' TroubleThe Shreveport Times explained away some campaign irregularities, However I see them as clear violations of campaign finance laws. To the Times they’re merely book-keeping errors of those who seek to be mayor. Candidate Ollie Tyler Friday, on 710 KEEL, explained three $5,000 gifts as being husband-wife joint donations of $2,500 each carelessly accepted in single checks. Tyler omitted the fact that two others could not be so easily explained away. But, Tyler has filed an amended report, dated October 10, that corrects some errors. Her math in totaling the sheets on the amended report still requires better bookkeeping!

Campaign_ControlTyler failed to relate that upon checking the accuracy in her new report that fact-checkers had cornered her on the two non-correctable (illegal) donations. Tyler decided at this point she would skip a scheduled appearance on KEEL Monday morning. FAIL Tyler for clear violation of state law and failure to be transparent in who are her donors and reporting.

Patrick Williams is still trying to explain the timeline for the $64,000+ “Loaned” to his campaign by the John Settle family interests. Close examination of his report indicates the funds were necessary for the Williams campaign to rent an office, buy billboards, bus benches, flyers, T-shirts, and all the other paraphernalia required to get the campaign out of the starter block before fund raising really got off the ground. Obviously a little illegal activity didn’t rate high on the “Honor the Law” scale.

State laws regarding loans make it clear that the manner in which these loans were made may have been reported correctly, but they are still against the law. Clearly the next mayor would not want a record of knowingly violating the law in this manner, I would think. Another FAIL for a candidate on the grounds of lacking transparency and unethical approach to state law.

Teach AccountingVictoria Provenza‘s report establishes a clear record of engaging a (more…)

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Mayoral & Council Candidates: The 3132 Extension

facebook-echo-chamberby Elliott Stonecipher

With appreciation to the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, I share with you this link from its website.  Readers may there see and hear the result of the Chamber’s work in interviewing candidates for Shreveport Mayor and City Council on a range of issues including the Hwy. 3132 Extension to the Port of Caddo-Bossier.

Click first on the Chamber’s Question #2 link, then on the picture of any candidate whose response you care to consider.

Money talks

NO Commitments Accepted

Please note that I have taken great care not to discuss with any candidate, in any way, our Coalition’s intention to write this evaluation of the responses given to the Chamber of Commerce.  Likewise, the Coalition cannot and will not make commitments of any kind to any candidate for election office.

The following are points I, on behalf of the Coalition, believe are notable.

Mayoral Candidate and City Councilman Sam Jenkins

Breaking light!

The Breaking light!

Seeing and hearing is believing.  From his City Council seat, Mr. Jenkins has been exposed to, over the past 3 1/2 years, tens of hours of public presentation of information – in great detail – about this project.  Nonetheless, he repeatedly boils his position down to the fact that the 3132 Extension is “not in the jurisdiction” of the city.  He makes that remark even given that he voted on June 10th to greenlight further development in a potential Extension route, (more…)

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